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Here is a list of British Academic Writers’ terms and conditions which every visitor/customer must read for a better understanding of our services.


It is to inform you that all the data, software, programming, images, graphical and written content solely belong to us and we own the rights. No one is allowed to utilize our resources as their own under any condition or else they would have to negotiate legal actions.

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We provide our customers with multiple connecting mediums to reach us which includes telephone, fax, text message, email and a web portal.

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Clients can make their payments through online transfer or they can directly submit their service fee in our account. The bank details will be furnished once you decide to place an order.

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Your personal information is safeguarded and protected until very last. However, the company is authorized to provide your information to legal/justice authorities (if required).

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Make sure you understand that the company is not responsible for any losses you might suffer due to the wrong usage of our services.


Clients need to understand that we are entitle to make necessary alteration on our website for better results and importantly, these alteration will instantly go live once they are finalized.

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Our customer support staff is readily available round the clock, to offer you assistance for any of your queries, regarding our academic writing help services. You can also email us at, or simply give us a bell on .

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