• It would be assumed that you have read, agreed and understood all the conditions prior to placing an order with us.
  • No order would get a complete, 100% refund.
  • The company is authorised to retain 50% of the service charges when refunds are made. Only when there is plagiarism detection of more than 30% or student receive an F grade then no service charges will be retained.
  • You would have to provide an authentic proof while claiming refund.
  • Order (s) will be investigated thoroughly after receiving the refund request which may take up to 30 days.
  • The company and its owners will decide the amount of refund, which will not be reversed in any case.
  • Always remember that order (s) having less than 48 hour deadline does not stand any chance for a refund.
  • Dissertation orders having less than 10 day deadlines do not stand any chance for a refund.

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Feel free to contact us at your convenience on or email at info@britishacademicwriters.co.uk.

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